Select the best students.

Faster. Accurately.

At no cost.


Rank applicants by their projected GPA.

Admit the best ones.

It sounds simple, right? It is.

A+StudentsAi is a proprietary AI solution that automatically projects the expected GPA at graduation of candidates to an academic institution. In minutes.

A+StudentsAi algorithm ranks submitted applications by the projected GPA so Admission Officers only need to verify the credentials of those candidates with higher projections. Objectively, Accurately.

Instead of going through hundreds of application packages and transcripts, Admission Officers can focus on advancing acceptance letters and enrollment to the best candidates.

The better the students, the higher the quality of the School

The quality of academic institutions is built by faculty members, educational programs and, yes, students. So, why do institutions keep on screening candidates through manual, biased, prone to error processes?

While electronically submitted, application packages ended up on admission officers’ desks awaiting a quick check. Minimum thresholds are confirmed while applicants are pre-qualified. Manually. It is easy to imagine how confusing it can get after reviewing a dozen of application packages.

In words of Kathleen Kingsbury, an education reporter, admission officersread applications for several weeks, then they meet in committee and choose their class. They read up to 500 applications every year. It's quite subjective.”

As we all know, traditional, manual admission processes do not get the best candidates but random distribution of good, bad and so-so students. Could not we use technology to screen and pre-qualify application packages? Of course. This is what A+StudentsAi does.

Would you look for A+ students or keep on manual, biased screenings?

How it works

Let the machines do the hard work.

A+StudentsAi solution automatically screens every application package right after submission. They go through a proprietary Machine Learning algorithm that compares each individual records with the rest of the applicants and projects each candidate GPA at graduation.

Automatically. Unbiased. In minutes.

A+StudentsAi solution ranks all the submitted application by the projected GPA of candidates. It allows admission officers, managers, and university administrators to select the students with the highest probability of getting A+ grades.

Faster. Accurately. Unbiased.

Heard on Campus


The admissions process is out of whack. Even the gatekeepers at some famous institutions acknowledge, quietly, that the selection system is broken.”

Eric Hoover. The New York Times

College admissions officers say they now have many, many more applications than they can handle—and, often, less reliable information to help them decide which students to admit.”

James Fallows. The Atlantic

Revising the admissions standards to require personal essays, an interview, a photo on top of test scores and preference to the children of alumni (…) it is neither feasible nor desirable to raise the standards of the College.”

Alia Wong. The Atlantic

“Universities are seeking to attract as many international students as they can, largely because they are desperate for revenue.”

Tim Hand. Magdalen College


Admission offices have the virtually impossible task of sorting through 20,000 - 100,000 applications in a matter of months (…). For any given college, much of this is wasted effort: as applications increase, the majority of the accepted students will turn them down and attend another institution. The college admissions process is broken.

Danny Ruderman. U.S. News & World Report

“Admissions departments are caught between the obligation to hold all students to the same high standards, and a natural reluctance to fail the vast numbers of students. This traditional bottleneck is getting thinner as demand is exceeding supply. University admissions have not always been complex (...) we have to devote far more time and be far more careful about it.”

Jessica Shepherd. The Guardian

“Admission processes are pretty exhausting. You talk to a lot of admissions officers and most are underpaid and overworked. They read applications for several weeks, then they meet in committee and choose their class.”

Kathleen Kingsbury. The Daily Beast


Do academic rankings, admission processes and admissions to enrolled ratios keep you awake at night? We’ve been there too.

For years you have been searching for the best faculty members, improved administrative processes and partnered with businesses and community leaders to move your institution up at academic rankings. You have reinforced recruiting campaign budgets year after year but, while enrollment figures have grown, quality of students was put at risk. Unfortunately, a familiar picture to many academic institutions.

Is there a way to get the best students in a classroom?

This is the question that brought us together. It led us to the creation of a tool that allows admission officers and institutions to accurately project which applicants are going to be the best, A+, students.

Jose M. Lopez Bueno

Jose Lopez Bueno, PhD

For years Jose has witnessed how traditional, manual, student selection processes compromised the quality of higher education programs in Canada and Europe. It was this painful daily observation that led to A+StudentsAi.

Academic background

Since 2017 Jose is a member of the Community Reference Group of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.


Emmanuel Sikile, MBA

Emmanuel has a solid financial track-record in Private Equity and Capital markets. He has raised over $20M in equity and debt and consulted multiple tech startups from pre-seed to later series of funding.

Emmanuel holds an MBA from James Cook University, Singapore, a top-250 world's universities. He previously granted a B.S. in Finance from the New York Institute of Technology, USA.

Adan J. Suarez

Adan Suarez, MsC

Adan created an Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) algorithm that is the backbone of the A+StudentsAi solution. He has repeatedly scored at the top 25% of AI and ML open international contests in Kaggle.

Academic background

In June 2019 Adan joined a software design company in Waterloo, Ontario, as Software Engineer and is no longer an active team member of A+StudentsAi.


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