Rank applicants by their projected GPA.

Admit the best ones.

It sounds simple, right? Well, it is.

A+Students AI has developed a proprietary AI solution that automatically projects the expected GPA of applicants to an academic institution. In minutes.

A+Students AI algorithm delivers the expected Probability of Academic Success of every applicant and ranks the submitted application packages accordingly. Admission Officers only need to verify the credentials of those applicants with the higher projected GPA at graduation.

Instead of going through hundreds of application packages and transcripts, Admission officers can focus on advancing acceptance letters and enrollment. A smarter, faster and more accurate way of getting students registered than manually browsing submitting application packages.

  • Faster admission decisions.

  • Manual screening limited to the best candidates. Accurately.

The better the students, the higher the quality

The quality of academic institutions is built by their faculty members, educational programs and, yes, students.

Would you select future A+ students or keep on making manual, biased screenings?